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Here is a list of the best anime dating games (otome games), that we found online.

The most popular of them all is a flirting game called My Candy Love.

Its not mature by any means, I've been playing for a long time.

Sex 7/10: players can have sex with other sims in bed and in hot tubs. you can also marry girls or boys being a girl marry a girl and boys can marry boys. language 1: some obscene finger gestures but they rarely appear.

: Free Play was first launched the process by which the player created a new Sim to add to their town was fairly simple and almost automatic, with the bulk of the settings being the physical appearance and characteristics of the Sim.

Now that the game has some significant history and time under its speculative belt though, that process has become a more refined and in-depth creation giving the player much more latitude in determining the different elements that go into creating the unique personality of each Sim, or their Sim Identity if you will...

Sure there are sexual scenes where you only hear and see the sheets moving, That isn't too bad.

the hot tub one is more graphic because you can turn the camera angle and see under water. when you shower your sims are nude but pixels block private parts. overall: 12/30Although the Sims 3 contains some themes that some may think a little inappropriate, it is simply demonstrating a vital part of life. Also, to address the problems of the supposed "bad messages", the game offers a gameplay option for the strange; kids can make an alien or a vampire in a perfectly normal environment.

Violence 4: you can attack anyone including your spouse. Furthermore, the game lets kids express their creativity, in the form of interior and exterior decorating and the "Create-A-Sim". I am a twenty-something who has been playing the sims since it was released in 2001. I am such a huge fan that I changed my college to animation so I can one day be apart of the development of future sim games. I mention all of this because I get the impression that people who are writing reviews for the game don't actually know a thing about it.

'ooo it's just some boring un-eventful virtual dollhouse of sorts...' So let me provide some information about 'the real sims 3'.

Something that is really huge with people who play sims (some as young as 8 and 9) are Mods.