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It’s much easier today to meet women, thanks to the Internet.
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Common the rapper who is he dating

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I just feel like, as black men, we do have to be aware that, yo, every time we step out with some woman its setting an example for our daughters and its also representing something for our mothers. Though Rastafarianism is about celebrating who you are and where youre from, isnt it also about loving people regardless of creed or colour?

If you cant really love your own, how can you really love others? COMMON: I dont know all the bases of Rastafarianism, but I know that it stems from Africa and Ethiopia and really came into fruition in Jamaica during the time that the blacks were being oppressed.

What happens to all the talk about loving and admiring sistas on your songs Common?

You talk all the good games about sistas, then went for a WHITE girl! Common is another Oreo cookie; BLACK on the outside, WHITE on the inside!

TOUCH: So you dont agree with mixed race relationships? It was about black people paying homage to their culture, embracing their culture.

So when you embrace your culture and then say, "OK, but Im only gonna date the opposite race", to me thats a little opposite to what youre projecting out through your hair and the way you looking.

Plus, Badu is not really known for being fraudulent. In rehearsal, a lot of times, we just play around and do stuff.

A pal of the Estée Lauder spokeswoman says she loves that she and Rocky have the fashion world in common.

“They’re both major players,” says the friend, noting the 27-year-old face of Dior Homme has collaborated with high-end designers like J.

Anyway, during her sit down she spoke about everything from her son Seven to her clash with Azealia Banks. But I didn’t know it was going to turn into “Tyrone.” So the background vocals were prepared because they kind of know the joke.

But what I found most interesting was that she cleared the record and told her side of the story when it came to her breakup with rapper Common. He’s talented by default and he has exquisite taste.