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Danielle and nick big brother dating

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- did you have any hesitation about doing the show again? But at the end of the day, we are very lucky, and the fact that we were able to do the show again was great.

We actually have fun with it - a lot of people have a very hard time with reality shows, but me and Dani, we actually do pretty well.

On our last visit we walked right in as if we were big celebs.

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But with us, you just have to be strong and know your relationship and know your partner, and luckily I've got a great one and I know exactly what we both are looking for in this relationship and hoping to get out of it.THIS IS A FALSE QUIESTION THEY R JUST JELOUS OF MILEY CYRUS ANSWER On Big Brother 9 tonight (3-19) they did an interview with Danielle & her dad, in the interview they asked her if her & Nick were still together & she said, no, they were no longer together, that they had dated for a period of time however they found out, outside of the house that they just were not compatible. 16 year old Dani proclaimed to love her very much, but wished that she would hear from/see her more than every 3-4 months.btw young Dani also seemed to be quite enamored with her father (who also seemed to live separate from her, but closer by").And yes, they also work tirelessly to ensure the couples are compatible before saying "I Do."Earlier today, news broke that Tom Wilson and Lillian Vilchez were planning to divorce after 14 months of marriage."Yes our marriage has ended. experts stepped in for counseling throughout the last few months, the couple sought out their own personal marriage counseling but it became clear that although they are best friends their marriage was not salvageable," our insider shared.But a beautiful friendship has started," Tom confirmed on Instagram. ' In those moments you kind of realise, 'You know what?