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I'm also looking for advice on where to sell this shotgun if you all think anyone would be interested in it. I was reading a FAQ on another website about the markings on the barrel, and it suggests the the 12c means 12 gauge, but clearly the measurement is the more important piece of data. I only have a normal caliper, so I am actually measuring what I believe to be the diameter of the end of the choke section?Like I said, I know very little about it and the wife doesn't want it in the house with our new baby. With a reading of about .68, that could still be a 12ga based on some other references? Your receiver sn looks like an 83421 to me, which would date it 1926, but you can probably see it better, so here are the dates:1919: 47719 - 47950 1920: 47299 - 47718 1921: 48951 - 53500 1922: 53501 - 58150 1923: 58151 - 62600 1924: 62601 - 69300 1925: 69301 - 79150 1926: 79151 - 88000 1927: 88001 - : 106251 - 127650 As far as having a 12 gauge in the house with a baby, don't worry - you've got years until the little tyke can shoot it...your wife is right, I would really recommend getting the kid a 20 gauge to start out on....Chuccho: Measure the hole diameter at the end of the long round thing and compare that measurement with the below, so you can tell me the gauge of shotgun you have....10 gauge = .775 inch, 12 gauge = .729 inch, 16 gauge = .662 inch, 20 gauge = .615 inch, and 28 gauge = .550 inch Now remember, this is the diameter of the hole and not the diameter of the barrel (big round long thing). Kerry Hey Kerry: You told him the gauge, now you need to identify the model and give him a value for the shotgun.... I like that, just put a nipple on it and he'll be fine.Sounds a little young right now though for a 20 gauge.... I compiled this quick reference serial number guide for dating 16ga Browning A5s and the Auto 5-3 Shot, by serial number. A common mistake I have seen in many, many, gun shops and online sites is to assign the 12ga serial number date to a 16ga.

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The Browning Auto-5 Sweet 16 lightweight, 16-gauge shotgun, began production in 1937 and it ran through 1992. f=53&t=215947&p=1798520“3rdbuttondown” asked for a Browning Auto 5 timeline thread. But before I’ll do so, some general remarks:1/ basis of the following are guns discussed on this forum, my own guns, info I gathered from the internet and of course the book “Browning Auto-5 Shotguns – The Belgian FN Production” by H. If you find something what can be corrected in language (especially grammar), please send me a PM and I’ll gladly correct it.3/ My main interested are the pre 1940 A5s. I’d be happy to see a fellow willing to continue the timeline for guns made after 1940. According to a 1908 dated German gun catalog, shown/discussed here:viewtopic.php? Browning’s bust between “TRADE” and “MARK” Overview Introduction of the Magazine Adaptor plugs. And I am still learning.2/ I’m not a native English speaker and there will be mistakes in language. Serial number range 12 gauge 183153 - 185560Serial number range 16 gauge 96144 - 99500Receiver legend Now with BROWNING and John M. I’m referring to locking screws only in 1909, when they were introduced. Carrier latch button plain and having small diameter. 1904-Bs actually are 1903 made shotguns “updated” in 1904 by FN before they were shipped. If there is no reference to a specific feature in later years, that means, no changes were made.6/ abbreviations: SN = serial number SV = Shirley/Vanderlinden “Browning Auto-5 Shotguns – The Belgian FN Production”, first edition, 2003, Wet Dog Publications, Greensboro, NC; ISBN:0-9707997-1-37/ Hopefully, the following isn’t too boring for you! Recoil spring Square coils Safety “Suicide safety” – safety type 1Magazine cut-off none Magazine Tube/Screw Cap Tube with fine thread at front end – cap with two rings and corresponding fine thread Trigger Straight Stock/Forearm features Mostly straight English stock with no checkering. Forearm with finger groove not extending all way to the front, but having a “stop”Buttplate Thick hard rubber with distinctive mold pattern on the back Proofs Inspector’s marking Star/J on bolt and receiver. ) are only black-powder proofed and lacking Belgian Lion over P. These 1903 receivers (but having the “1904 service pack”) have Inspector’s marking star/J but a smokeless powder proof. f=53&t=202856&p=1674208and SN 1842, discussed here viewtopic.php? f=53&t=214348: like a 1904-B, but SNs of the 1904 SN range, have all features of 1903s, but have the “1904 service pack” installed also. Pinpointing the exact manufacturing year of early Sweet 16s is a bit difficult.