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I do have one App that I have created myself using Android Studio which is basically a Shopping List that utilises SQLite this is using 12.2Mb of Data and I'd be loathe to do away with that data as it's taken a while to generate.I don't know how to backup the data and am not even sure that I can without rooting the device. Currently my only option appears to be to not update or attempt to update by clearing what data etc I can or do a factory reset.

the zip you downloaded above by following my earlier guide here.Updater process ended with ERROR: 7 Error installing zip file '/external_sd/lineage-14.1-20170818-nightly-Z00A-signed.zip' Updating partition details... I needed to update IFWI to Android 6 version (IFWI 94.183) and TWRP to a version that obtains the correct value.I found relevant info in these places: About IFWI: https://com/zentalk/thread-79657-1-1About updating IFWI – Bootloader: https:// OS/comments/5rf4td/cannot_install_lineage_on_zenfone_2_z00ad_no_ifwi/ I downloaded the tools from: and follow instructions. Now install works with no problem, altough phone shows an error booting, it says phone is not verified or something like this, but it works ok.I get the message :-" TB2-X30F_S000018_160715_ROW Volume up/down to move highlight; Power button to select.reboot system now (highlighted) apply update from ADB apply update from external sdcard apply update from internal sdcard wipe data/factory reset wipe cache partition rebbot to bootloader power down view recovery logs root integrity check Error The tablet is OK, start to OTA updare.I suggest you to try that @fjkiko I believe I shall state the process I followed, for anyone facing problems with the zenfone2: Originally I had Android 6 official release on my phone, latest update, but it doesn’t allow modifying partitions or unlock bootloader (I believe those ‘functionalities’ were patched).