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He’s so serious.” And you know me, I like to have fun and I said, “I don’t like him, I pass.” And then my friend looked over my shoulder and saw him talking to another woman — and he was laughing and holding court, he was the life of the party — and she said, “Who is that bitch talking to your new husband? That is my husband, I’ve got to get over there and get my man back.” So my husband always says that it was competition that brought us together and I’m like, “No, it was not competition, it was the fact that I said I only saw one side of you and made the mistake of judging you just for that one side.” And now I kid you not, and I know every comedian in the world, nobody makes me laugh harder than my husband.

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“There are so many things I would like to do that I can’t do because of my legs,” Loretta says.

“I can’t stand [for] more than maybe seven to 10 minutes.”Loretta has met with several orthopedic surgeons, but none were able to perform the complex procedure to excise her lipomas, as they felt her condition was too severe.

1) We have a large prison population in which over half of our men young & old are long time residents 2) we have an equally large gay, by sexual & transgender population & finally, most of the successful eligible brothers are not interested in professional black women, they prefer other ethnicities.

So even though I have resigned from the "BLACK MEN ONLY club, after reading your book, I'm now blissfully happy being sexy, confident & actively flirting while I await God's perfect match for me.

However, the book does get an individual thinking about why men and women do what they do, how they communicate, how they respond, and what motivates them.

To be clear: this book doesn't encompass hidden secrets of the opposite sex or ways to truly "get your man or woman".Learn more" href="/gp/product/B01MTJ04P6/ref=swahqp_dropbox? pf_rd_p=3191248342&pf_rd_s=hero-quick-promo-books-atf&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=1501100947&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=XB2E0CFRE1H3XNP9PAZ7"Congratulations to Miss Neicey. I agreed with a lot of your assertions promoted in your book. I wished that I could secure an invite to one of your infamous single parties (LOL).But, I live in Northern California where the availability of eligible AA men are slim for the following reasons?Loretta, 71, is a mother and grandmother who has been living with a debilitating leg condition for the past 15 years.Loretta suffers from bulging, benign soft tissue tumors known as lipomas. Hear her no-nonsense advice for a hot, happy and healthy relationship.