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They will often take insults or criticism lying down.

Types of males Not all men and not all women are the same, although society would like to make us think so. Unlike the alpha male, the beta male avoids risk and confrontation. He recharges when he is in his own element, rather than out among people trying to prove that he is top dog. [Read: Introvert vs extrovert – Which side are you on? The alpha male is extroverted, charismatic, and the life of the party.Like we are aware of the social hierarchy of ant’s colony- there is a Queen, fertile ants, worker ants and soldier ants.Likewise this there is a social hierarchy within lion’s pride, wolf pack, herd of elephants, etc.Most people are at least aware of the alpha male and the beta male from popular culture.We even wrote an article about the alpha male, the beta male and the jerk.However, if there is a first and second, there has to be a last.