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That’s because we first met when we were kids, and holidayed out at Piha together heaps, and now co-own a beach house out there as well.

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Also, underground civilizations are existent within the Fallout series--as they are in this film--in the form of what they call "Vaults".Vaults have since become a prime selling point of the Fallout series.

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The Boy Scouts of America takes great pride in the quality of our adult leadership.

The 1996 episode, "Probability," originally featured a cast member saying, "I'm a girl.

Could have just as easily been a boy, though, because the probability of becoming a girl is always 1 in 2." "See, inside each of our cells are these things called chromosomes, and they control whether we become a boy or a girl, " she added.

When your volunteer application is approved, you will receive a BSA membership card that includes your member ID number.

The Boy Scouts of America places the greatest importance on creating the most secure environment possible for our youth members.